The Answer is You!

The good new is: the answer is you! Whether you are going through a life transition such as a divorce or job loss or you have experienced trauma - When you walk into my office you and I create a partnership through which you are able to heal, grow and change. No two people are alike and in my office we create a working relationship that will help you overcome challenges, experience your emotions fully and allow yourself the relief of living in the moment – this is to quell anxiety, depression, uncertainty that can sap the joy out of life. We resolve trauma through a trauma-informed approach, which means you will not be re-traumatized and a treatment plan will be created especially for you designed to encourage healing while empowering you.

There is more good news. There are steps you can take today to enhance your life, relieve your symptoms and develop mindfulness practices – or simply learn something new. Please select from the resources below – free for download:


How to Settle Your Mind 

Courtesy of

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Exercise Sheets

From "Getting Unstuck" by Russ Harris

Mandalas to Color – Relax Your Mind

(Use crayons, markers – whatever you like)

Has Trauma Affected You?

Here's one way to explore

The Feeling Wheel

Unsure of your true emotions? The Feeling Wheel helps puts words to what’s going on.

Body Outline

Where in your body do you hold tension? Where do you feel joy?
How to use:
1. Print two body outlines. 
2. On the first: Use markers or crayons to indicate where on your body tension resides – be creative, use color if you would like. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath (in for 7 counts, hold for 4 counts and exhale for 8 counts)  - do this three times.
3. On the second: see where joy in your body shows up, again use color and be creative.


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Susan also offers tele-counseling and online counseling via secure video connection.

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